Celebrating 20 years


Augeo was founded on September 4, 1991 and is now just over 20 years.

On the occasion of the inauguration of our blog, we want to thank all our customers in Europe and in North America for their loyalty over the years. Some of the tools and concepts used in Project Management (PM )and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software have existed for many years - eg: the Gantt chart is almost a hundred years old – but our goal is to constantly rethink these tools and concepts so that they evolve with the needs of our users.

Our manner of working with clients must constantly adjust to new influences whether technological, human (with the emergence of social networks, and their impact on the "net generation") or economic (with new models of outsourcing or crowdsourcing).

PM software must therefore adapt itself in order to take into account these profound changes. Today, one of the keys to success is the development of advanced collaborative features. We are presently conducting a thorough examination of this facet, especially on ways to facilitate exchange, capture and storage of unstructured project-related information. We are also working on new concepts for managing cross-functional projects, a case study where the participants are usually not professionals in PM.

In the past 20 years, Augeo's work methods have evolved enormously even as our internal organization and offices have remained the same. That's why, after all these years, we decided it was time to reinvent ourselves.

Beginning with our move to the center of Gentilly, on the outskirts of Paris, we settled in a former industrial workshop which we completely renovated, the new offices now complement our company's young, modern and vibrant ethos and is a desirable place for our teams to work.

The first part of the renovation is now complete and we have a workspace with an area of 400 m2. A very atypical space for a group work area, our offices have very high ceilings, mezzanines and more private corners for meetings.

We also are fortunate enough to have an outdoor patio area, ideal for relaxation and discussion among colleagues. The unusual configuration of our workspace allows us to have an informal working environment which in turn fosters greater professionalism. We will soon complete preparations for a large meeting/training room. We welcome this space as a new area for holding seminars, training workshops in project management or for the implementation of reporting tools.

Augeo's website has also recently been redesigned, yet another component of our new approach to communications with our customers.

New employees have also joined our team:

Mathieu Plasse joined the company in March 2011 as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in charge of R & D and technical support. Mathieu has an engineering background and began his career at Winwise (a Microsoft technology partner) before moving to Alten Consulting (IT Services). One of his first projects was the launch of a new range of services to our clients: training, project support and support for the PMO. Mathieu has already recruited three new consultants since he started. He is also devloping our new "PSO Lab" that allows service and support teams to have a complete set of technical platforms, enabling them to more closely simulate the production environments of our customers. On the R & D side, he is currently engaged in improving our response to and management of requests for product enhancement from customers.

Nicolas de Morel Morel joined Augeo in the autumn of 2010 as Commercial Director. Nicolas has extensive commercial experience with a variety of software firms such as Cartesis, Business Objects and SAP. His mission is to establish our commercial policy on all the components that make up our offers, this includes controling any consulting work executed by our company. His priority is customer satisfaction and we forsee that he will become the preferred contact for our customers by strengthening links between them and the different services that Augeo offers.

Hans-Juergen Benker joined us in July this year as Country Manager - Germany. He has over 20 years of commercial experience in the computer business; at ABT Corporation (NIKU), T-Systems, Augeo and CAST. He will focus on delivering new products and professional service offerings to our customers in German.

In our next blog we will discuss our new ideas for customer services in collaboration with Nicolas and Mathieu.

Laurent Raynaud, CEO Augeo


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