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Augeo Software

The company

Augeo Software is a European independent software vendor, specializing in solutions for Project and Portfolio Management (PPM).

Augeo Software develops, markets and implements software solutions and related services that help private and public companies & organizations to better manage their projects and resources.

Its founders were among the pioneers in the implementation of technologies for the integrated management of resources, costs and schedules associated with projects.

Since its inception in 1991, Augeo has been the architect of much of the progress that has helped define and enhance many of the principles at the heart of current solutions for Project and Portfolio Management.

Innovative and effective solutions

The powerful features of our solutions help our customers, from beginning to end of the project, improve their performance through a more efficient management of their resources and their activities and enables a better collaboration and coordination of the teams in charge of implementing their programmes.

Augeo Software provides executives and managers with better tranparency of the entire portfolio of current projects. Through this enhanced monitoring, executives and managers are better able to anticipate costs and risks, to adapt more quickly to market changes and are able to continuously align projects within the group's strategy.

A flexible and adaptable product

Flexible and easily configurable, our software adapts to the criteria that drive your business and the way it runs and thereby becomes the foundation for procedures and organization. It is scalable and also allows the implementation and progressive use of functions according to your goals.

Thanks to its powerful framework our software can handle thousands of resources and projects, its sophisticated configuration and intuitive interface ensures rapid implementation, is cost effective and an excellent return on investment.

Experienced and quality service

Augeo's specialization in the field of project management and our expertise, gained over the last 20 years, have made our package the solution adopted by many large companies, across a broad spectrum of activities based both in Europe and North America.

The experience and expertise found in our sales teams, our consulting teams and our support office not only ensures a thorough understanding and due consideration of the needs of our customers but also provides relevant support during and after the implementation of our software.

Augeo is part of the small group of European software companies recognized by foremost analyst firms eg. Gartner and Forrester.

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The European specialist of
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