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Project Portfolio Management

Opportunities, risk and performance. Augeo6 provides the necessary visibility to arbitrate projects at all stages of their life cycle. Performance and risk indicators permit analysis of the strategic alignment of projects from the preparation phase until the project is completed.

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Planning and monitoring of projects

Augeo6 gives project managers the full range of operational tools for project planning, tracking deliverables and advance notice of expenses and hours. It is an enterprise wide business solution where projects are managed in conjunction with the overall portfolio.

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Managing the workload of teams

In the same solution, Augeo6 can manage consolidated resource load planning on all projects and all non-project activities (recurring tasks, holidays, training ...). Augeo6 offers this visibility for personnel resources, but also by department, function or for any manner of qualifying a resource.

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Monitoring the budgets of projects and activities

Augeo6 is the business tool for monitoring budgetary commitments on projects and activities. Controlling the resources budget, consumed to date and commitments is measured in man days in the workload view and in currency based on the value allocated to the resources. Independent of the accounting system, the synchronization of the analytical accounting postings can be performed at any time.

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Cross functions (EDM, Workflow, Reports and Alerts)

Augeo6 is a groupware solution that aims to improve the monitoring of activities of project teams through better sharing of information. Electronic document management, sending alerts by e-mail, analysis, dashboards and reports, the application contains all the essential tools to optimize communication between project participants.

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Versatile and powerful architecture

Augeo6 is based on an architecture comprising a J2EE application server and a relational database that can be integrated with other company applications such as LDAP directories and existing resource planning systems such as ERP. Augeo6 is a flexible and fully configurable solution.

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