Demand management with Augeo : define the right criteria for selecting projects


Demand Management

From an idea to a project

By using forms and configurable indicators Augeo is able to collect, process and evaluate applications for new projects according to a distinct set of criteria. Tailored to your business processes, our requests management engine automates the flow of information and allows for a quick, objective and accurate selection of potential projects

With the ability to filter requests according to various criteria (type of activity, applicant, dates, benefits, risks, budget), the management involved in the decision process determine their priorities in advance and then focus only on the projects that meet these clearly identified business objectives.

Identification and description of prospective projects

All requests from your Project Executives are centralized and identified in a single application. They are outlined using a standard form, fully customizable according to your organization. .

This personalized form can identify the technical and strategic issues essential to the design and presentation of the objectives of future projects (key points of the specifications, benefits, risks, budget ...).

Each prospective project is thus broken up into uniform, comparable criteria which allows the comparison to be based on rational analysis. Associated with rating scales, this multi-criteria description process allows an accurate classification of the various proposed projects.

To complete these requests, external documents such as notes or technical specifications may be attached (Word, Excel, image files, text files) directly to the form. Each contributor will be sure to have the latest version of a proposal.


Applications are biased towards the Project Manager concerned who are aware of other projects that might impact them. The criteria requiring costing are checked, refined or estimated on the basis of information provided in the form and associated documents.

By involving the Project Executive and Project Manager early on in the process, the relevance and feasiblity of each application is ensured, also in this way good ideas are not left by the wayside.


Once all the information has been collected, requests are submitted to the decision makers of the company for approval

A workflow is produced and the framework defined according to the responsibilites and authorizations of each decision maker (business expert, department head) and is then used to certify the desirability of each proposed project and its alignment within organizational strategy.

Selection of projects

A list of the most desirable projects can be ascertained from the results obtained from each project's evaluation and the decision makers' approval rating.

After this collaborative and participatory process, the company and its managers are able to rank the projects and thus objectively select the proposed projects to be initiated, postponed or abandoned.

consideration of all activities related to your projects

If you are required to purchase materials, employ a sub-contractor or if your employees are required to carry out maintenance operations in parallel, these activities will invariably impact your projects.

The requests management engine can be configured to include purchase requisitions, expense reports, business proposals or response forms to complement a proposed project application.

This data is integrated into the planning and financials of your projects and so can be managed in itself and allows a comprehensive mangement of all of your activities.

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