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To ensure quality and speed in the implementation of our software, we have developed a methodology based on best practices.

As a result of our 20 years of experience, we are able to assure the effective execution of your project by our consultants and partners.

This methodology is based on four phases that correspond to every major step in the implementation of your solution. Each phase delineates all the tasks to be performed in order to achieve the goals associated with it.

Each phase is always concluded with a milestone to validate the achievement of these objectives and compliance with corresponding deliverables.

This ensures both the conditions for achieving the next step and control over the data through:

  • the conformability of goals with your expectations for the current phase,
  • the detailed planning of the next phase,
  • the overall progress of the project (planning / resources / budget).

Defining your project

The launch meeting is the first phase of our collaboration and officially starts your project.

It allows you to:

  • identify the project team, specify the duties and responsibilities of the participants and set up a blueprint of procedures for each party,
  • define the scope of the project, specify the objectives and highlight priorities,
  • ascertain the different phases of implementation of our solution in the context of your business,
  • to define and implement the necessary tools for the coherent and effective management of your project.

Training your project team

Our consultants form part of the team responsible for the implementation of our solution right from the start so that we are able to maintain effective communication throughout this phase of analysis and gain a thorough understanding of the needs and expectations of each party.

This close collaboration allows you to participate fully in building your application and to become independent very quickly.

Functional analysis of your needs

This essential step provides an overview of all the projects that you manage and the resources you have available to complete them.

This analysis includes the following:

  • organizational structure and business processes,
  • management of resources,
  • project organization,
  • management accounting and budgeting,

By identifying the above and assimilating them into the configuration of the software, these important points relative to the context of your business, its organization and the specific abilities of your employees guarantee a solution fully adapted to your needs

Deployment of your solution

Based on the formalized knowlege gained from your project team, Augeo´s consultants install the relevant modules for your specific needs and required functions.

The product is configured according to the management criteria, project templates and business processes identified during the analysis for each category of target user.

Once this is completed, the solution's operation is validated with your team.

Integration of data and interface software

If you wish, the data from your management systems of existing projects (including spreadsheets, Microsoft Project files and other data sources) can be imported into Augeo. This allows you to reduce the costs of setup, speed up the launch of the system and enables your users to quickly grasp how to work with the solution.

The experience of our consultants ensures the transfer, compliance and conversion of your data.

Your Augeo solution can also be integrated as necessary with other software packages and applications used within your company. Augeo has devised a proposal for integration aimed at analysing the needs, developing and testing the interface software and ensuring continual review.

Reports and Business Intelligence

Augeo gives you access to a library of standard reports as forms on the web, template PDF reports made with Crystal Reports ® (Business Objects) or Microsoft Excel ® reports integrating powerful graphics. These reports can be adapted and configured to meet your specific needs.

Datamart Module

Augeo can also offer specific expertise to deploy the Augeo Datamart module. Compatible with all business intelligence tools on the market including Business Objects XI ®, the Datamart module can extract and analyze management data produced from the Augeo database.

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