Augeo launches Augeo6

Simplified access and deployment of Augeo's application platform, a brand new version of Project Center features an intuitive and easy to use interface, new interactive views, the integration of QlikView Business Intelligence and new graphics themes.

Paris, 1st June 2012 - Augeo, the European software leader of professional solutions for Project & Portfolio Management, announces the launch of Augeo6, the latest version of its flagship PPM software.

"One of the main objectives of Version 6 is to give users a direct and logical access to the advanced features of our software, enabling a more simple and intuitive use. So, we created the Project Center which is a command cockpit for the various participants on a project portfolio, " says Mathieu Plasse, new Director of Research and Business Development.

"Of course, we retained all the concepts present in earlier versions of our product so that our existing customers can easily adapt to this new version without spending any significant amount of time on user training. Our aim was also to reduce the TCO associated with the administration of our software platform through our ability to deploy and automatically update our different applications."

Augeo Project Center

The access and deployment of Project Center (formerly Central Augeo) is accomplished in full web mode. This is the first major step toward simplifying the use of Augeo6, both for users and for administrators.

The new Project Center interface boasts clean and simple ergonomics: rapid access, via a menu, to the projects underway and existing views; directly adjustable time scales and tabbed browsing makes this new version very intuitive. A choice of plans, different contexts and views of a group of projects are also directly accessible from Project Center.

The interface has been completely redesigned to significantly reduce the number of mouse-clicks and submenus necessary to access information. The user works in one, single interface thereby increasing efficiency during data analysis or data comparisons.

Another important improvement is the introduction of contextual menus for easy access to many of the features offered by Augeo6. For example, in the context of "financial", the first menu options are budget management and financial planning while in the context of "project management", the first options are related to dates and resource allocations.

The icons and shortcuts enable a rapid analysis and an accurate interpretation of the information relevant to a particular context, allowing the user to make informed, timely and productive decisions.

A new Gantt chart improves the productivity of project managers and resource managers. Notably, it allows direct visualization of assignments and will trace out the possible overloads near the date of completion of a project. With direct access to the resource allocations from this diagram, overloads are not only detailed and perfectly visualized but assignments can be adjusted directly in case of overload.

Integration of Qlikview

Augeo has chosen to forge a partnership with Qlikview, the world leader in business intelligence solutions for analysis and data retrieval. The integration of QlikView into Augeo's platform allows an intrinsic link between data and decision making.

It is in this context that Club Med decided to use the PPM package, implementing a solution that guarantees the delivery of new services on time and within budget, undoubtedly a key factor in their success.

Five Qlikview applications are included in the basic Augeo6:

  • control and monitoring of timesheets
  • budget management and financial planning,
  • project tracking
  • resource management
  • the simulation of a portfolio of projects

The services teams at Augeo are also available to our customers to carry out any specific analysis reports of data derived from Qlikview.

Future Developments

For future develpments, Augeo's R & D team is concentrating as much on technical as on functional innovations.

With regard to the technical side, version 6.1 will offer a full 3-tier architecture allowing better integration into IT systems.

Regarding functions, a new version of the hypotheses module is planned as well as many improvements to the Project Center.

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