Project planning with Augeo : identify, schedule, evaluate, define




Project planning is essential for the execution and management of a project.

Planning consists of being able to identify and schedule project tasks, evaluate their costs and ascertain the resources needed to achieve them.

Augeo is a comprehensive planning tool that allows you to:

  • Define the tasks to be performed
  • Set straightforward goals
  • Coordinate required actions
  • Keep control of resources used
  • Reduce risk and manage change
  • Gain visibility of ongoing activities
  • Report on and monitor the project's progress

 Gantt Chart

Follow the progress of your projects and tasks, target dates, and task dependencies, thanks to this graph.

The Gantt chart makes it easier to plan a project and monitor its progress, it should be used to attain the objectives in the objectives tree.

The Gantt chart allows you to visualize the progress of the project and to anticipate any actions/further planning needed. It facilitates the management of resource conflict and potential delays by visualizing the impact thereof on the project. In addition, the Gantt chart is an excellent way of communicating with the project participants.

Augeo allows you to: have a Gantt chart showing the status of all your projects and assigned tasks; have a daily, weekly or monthly display; print and save your diagrams.

 Task Dependency

The Project Manager is often faced with complex situations of task dependency between multiple tasks that require special attention.

In most projects certain tasks can not begin until the previous one is completed. In complex projects the difficulty lies in managing multiple tasks that are dependent on other tasks. Therefore, these projects require a complex structure and task dependencies must be taken into consideration.

Task dependencies determine when a task can start, taking into account the waiting time defined by compliance with deadlines.

Tasks are commonly called "predecessor" for the earlier task and "successor" for the next.

In order to effectively manage this type of process, Augeo software lets you define one or more predecessors to a task. The dates of successors are automatically adjusted when the dates of predecessors are changed.

Augeo allows easy mastery of the complexity of this situation. The software was specifically designed to simplify the management of dependencies between tasks via a simple "drag and drop" between two tasks.

 Task Management

"Task management is the foundation of planning. It is therefore essential that it be flexible and intuitive" Alan B. Department Head.

Augeo allows you to manage your tasks easily and intuitively.

Its main advantages are:

  • Possibility of extending a task over several days with the mouse
  • Moving tasks with the mouse drag and drop.
  • Several tasks per cell (displaying tasks in the same cell)
  • Hourly details possible.
  • Ability to attach a file, email, website for each task.
  • Ability to add an NB note to each task, several types of notes, multiple notes by type for each task.
  • Task List: using codes to avoid repeated input of the same task.
  • Possibility of adding reminders on a specific day

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