Project Management with Augeo : plan, do, control and monitor, act


Project Management

  The control of your projects

To remain competitive, companies must constantly face challenges, adapt their administrative procedures, integrate new technologies and develop or launch new products and services, all these challenges are well suited to being included in a project.

To carry out their duties and ensure achievement of their goals, Augeo provides project teams a flexible and configurable tool based on an archive containing key data on projects.

It enables you to generate reports on project progress, evaluate their performance, optimize schedules, allocate resources, manage and distribute documents, perform simulations, all in an intuitive and collaborative business environment!

The main advantages for project management

Augeo allows you to:

  • Easily access project data from a web browser.
  • Enter the time spent and approval of reports of activities (Time Sheets) in a simple and effective manner, taking into account (by unique configuration) the specifics of your business.
  • Increase productivity and foster collaboration through a user interface that integrates the management of roles.
  • Follow the progress of the project either through monitoring the initial action plan, monitoring deliverables or the extent of task completion.
  • Account for performance through fully configurable key performance indicators (KPIs), monitoring milestones or earned value analysis.
  • Calculate the cost of the project and compare actual to planned expenditure and resources use.
  • Centralize management of all project-related documents.
  • Provide calculations and cost variances and estimates of outstanding work through a financial dashboard.

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