Project Portfolio Management with Augeo : a global overview of all your projects


Project Portfolio Management

A global view of all your projects

Evaluating a prospective project or one that is already underway, Augeo allows you to group your projects in such a way that they can be scored and compared individually or including many sub portfolios.

Performance measures and decision making are facilitated by multi-criteria analysis tools, predefined alerts, dashboards and intuitive synthetic reports.

Feasibility Study

Regardless of the workload of a project and the ability of a company to carry it out, its success may depend solely on the fulfillment of its date of delivery or availability of a resource at a particular moment.

Thanks to project templates, you are able to quickly integrate into the portfolio any prospective project and instantly evaluate its feasibility in terms of timeframe and resource utilization and its impact on current projects.

Calculating the ROI

A strategic tool for decision support, the ROI allows a company to measure the return on its investment and ensure the financial viability of its project.

The use of project templates and the rapid integration of prospective projects into the portfolio allows you to use the real financial data of your resources (cost, availability) and include your fixed costs.

By confirming costs and determining margins, you have a reliable view of the ROI of each prospective project and thus vital information for finalizing your choice.

Simulation and assumptions ("what if"scenarios )

The challenge of portfolio management is not negligible, it involves getting the best return on investment and resources associated with each project within certain time constraints and at the same time abiding by the strategic concerns of the company.

Reconciling all these requirements and the development of a portfolio of projects is complex, the simultaneous integration of multiple projects in a portfolio inevitably generates conflict.

Augeo allows you to determine the optimal solution using hypothesis, modifying a criteria of your choice and simulating the impact on your portfolio.

While preserving the integrity of the original data, you are able to explore as many hypotheses as necessary, save and compare them among themselves or with the original version of your portfolio.

Once you have chosen the best method, Augeo allows you to incorporate your chosen hypothesis, with its saved data into your portfolio and use it as your new benchmark.

Monitoring the performance of the portfolio

The performance of an organization can be measured using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Depending on their nature and the operational and policy issues of the organization, these indicators can be an accurate measure of the work or sound criteria for assessing forecasts.

Because the performance of your portfolio directly reflects the performance of your organization, Augeo allows you to define and establish indicators related to both the realization of your projects (costs, deadlines, resources, workload), the achievement of your business objectives (strategy, quality, investment policy) and the monitoring of critical points (risk, economic and ecological impacts).

The consolidation of all of this information allows us to offer you a reliable view of the viability of each project and its evolution (trend indicator).

Filtered and grouped and in sub-portfolios (eg countries, management, service, or project manager) and then sorted according to your priorities or final assessment, a dashboard and a synthetic bubble chart is produced that facilitates comparing projects within your portfolio.

With real-time monitoring of the performance of their projects and the identification of causes of failure, the company's managers are able to take prompt corrective measures and make the tradeoffs necessary to optimize their project portfolio.

Earned Value Measurement

The measurement of the Earned Value Analysis (EVA) is a method to measure the performance of running a project. Its graphic representation (S curve) provides simple and concise information on the viability of a project.

Through the display of three financial values (BCWS, BCWP and ACWP) versus time and the relative position of their respective curves, a project manager is able to see at any time whether a project meets expectations, exceeds expectations (the project saves money and is in advance) or does not attain its objective (the project costs more than expected and is late).

  • Planned Cost (BCWS - Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled)
  • Actual cost (ACWP - Actual Cost of Work Performed)
  • Earned Value (BCWP - Budgeted Cost of Work Performed)

The interpretation of these three curves can also simply measure anomalies in cost and time.

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