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Augeo is based on a multi-tier J2EE architecture and web designed to meet the most demanding needs in terms of performance and simultaneous access, whilst being economical enough to deploy for our customers.

Augeo software relies on a standard J2EE environement providing  enterprise level performance and scalability.

The multi-tier architecture allows our customers to integrate Augeo software in their IT infrastructure by leveraging existing components ( i.e. Database server, authentication directory, ...).


Augeo runs on industry standard software :

Augeo is compatible with most technical environments currently used by midsize companies and large enterprises. The Augeo package can also be deployed on virtual servers such as VMWare.


  • Database Server : Oracle, SQL Server
  • Web Server : Apache HTTPD, Tomcat
  • Report Server : Crystal Report
  • Business Intelligence Server : QlikView


  • Operating System : Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Browser : Internet Explorer, Firefox, chrome
  • Productivity : Excel, PDF, Word


  • Fully configurable: Augeo adapts to your business processes and company's data. The implementation time is thus optimized.

  • Flexible roles and access rights management : Augeo allows a configuration of roles and rights  that reflect the hierarchical structure of the organisation  .

  • Flexible environment : Augeo adapts to the changing needs of our customers and meets the scalability needed by large or fast growing  companies.

  • Open architecture: Augeo is based on J2EE technologies, Web and relational databases. Augeo is compatible with standard products in the marketplace.

  • Integration with enterprise applications: a generic interface simplifies interaction with integrated software packages such as ERP, HRM and other IT systems in a company.

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