Managing timesheets with Augeo : reporting, analysis and distributing data


Timesheet Management

Reports and Dashboards

The ability of a company and its executives to make the right decision is primarily based on their ability to understand the reality of the existing situation and identify future trends.

The dashboard is an important device that assists a company's decision making and constitutes a crucial aid to executive management. Its purpose is to present a clear and structured view of all the essential information needed to run the company.

"Good decisions must be made on the basis of available and pertinent data, allowing experts to avoid the mental gymnastics of interpretation which are time consuming and inefficient .... in order to spend their precious "attention time" assessing the situation and identifying responses while there is still time. " S. Few

Augeo allows you to ensure the reporting, analysis and distribution of information, and offers 100% customizable dashboards as well as a set of predefined dashboards.


MyAugeo reports navigate the system (opens sub reports, tracks PFU files, timesheets ... etc.) The formats are the most common (Excel, PDF) and exportable in excel (MyAugeo).

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