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The transfer of knowledge

Training is a key to the success of your project and forms an important part of the implementation of our solutions with our customers.

This is also the starting point of our collaboration. Our consultants are responsible for establishing a programme to transfer knowledge to the team chosen to work with Augeo right from the start.

The aim is to give you an overview of the functional scope of our solutions and enable our respective teams to work together effectively during the analysis and implementation phases of your application.

After identifying the needs of your end users, we devise a training course tailored to your organization ensuring completion of the course and allowing rapid deployment of the software.

This programme of knowledge transfer relies on three modules addressing the needs of all types of users.

Initial training

Initial training allows active users to be able to plan and monitor the progress of their projects in a multi-project and multi-user environment.

Through training materials and exercises, these standard training courses enable an overall understanding of the product and all of its features.

It is then possible to complete this training with in-depth training on specific topics. Augeo may also offer to create additional, more personalized sessions. These sessions would include the main settings used and copies of the screens available in your application thus rendering a more acurate vision of the final product.

Administrator Training

Administrator training aims to forge an understanding of the product: competence in settings, learning the features necessary for daily administration (user management, authorizations, plans, views ...).

After this training, participants will have an overview of configurability of the software and impacts of selected options. They will be able to change the settings in accordance with organizational changes.

Customized training

Once our software has been deployed and configured, according to your data and business processes, our experience allows us to offer training uniquely adapted to your business.

Much more than a standard program, this training, designed together with your teams, results in the creation of a "store of customized training" customer-specific and for different usages of the solution within each organization.

Specialized training

The two modules of this training program are aimed respectively at project managers and directors. They offer our customers the opportunity to gain more autonomy and to further optimize their operations.

Data model training

This training allows administrators to create specific reports or modify reports delivered by our consultants in the areas of planning, resource management and tracking hours and absences.

Advanced Training

This training is suitable for project managers or managers of resources, it enables them to use hypotheses and the optimization engine to answer questions like:

  • What impact of a project is not anticipated?
  • How to store different versions of schedules?
  • How to recognize when a task has become critical?
  • How to commit to realistic deadlines?
  • How to control budgets and monitor costs?

Training in project management

To assist its customers in gaining the required knowlege for project management or for conducting the organizational changes neccessary for the establishment of a project management process within their company, Augeo has established partnerships with recognized and experienced consulting and training firms.

These partners are specialized in project management and are fully conversant with our software and the prerequisites for the implementation of Augeo's solutions.

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The training provided by Augeo Software can take place internally at Augeo or externally at the customer site, depending on your needs.

Augeo Software is Authorized Training Center No. 1175 189 4775.

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