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Xiring: The strategic aims of the R & D business and its goals


"Managing on average 40 projects per year, it is clear that the organization has become more efficient, "

Claude Durand
Director of R&D

The organization

Founded in 1998, Xiring builds security solutions for electronic transactions. Xiring develops security software embedded in smart card readers and secure authentication and digital signature terminals.

Innovation, at the heart of Xiring's values is a key factor in their success. To conserve their technological edge, Xiring spends a significant portion of revenue each year on maintaining an active R & D department. Xiring holds more than 100 intellectual property rights related to innovative technologies, security processes and applications and was honored in 2009 by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) with the Award for Innovation in the SME category, Ile de France.

With a turnover of 20 million euros in 2010 and over 55 employees, the growth of the company is linked to the increasing need for security in electronic transactions, the central concerns being user confidence, the security and integrity of information and the fight against fraud.

Since December 2011 Xiring is an affiliate of the Ingenico Group.

The challenge

"We needed to help our team of engineers work methodically using a state-of-the-art project management solution. The goal was to formalize and create an embedded project management methodology and enable management control of R & D activities, " said Claude Durand, Director of R & D. In addition, Xiring also wanted to standardize administrative processes, eg: requests for leave and purchase requisitions and was looking for a way to simplify reporting procedure.

The solution

Augeo was chosen by Xiring for its easy-to-use web browsing and its ability to create projects from templates that incorporate phases common to an entire Department.

Another advantage of Augeo's solution is the access it allows to qualitative monitoring, parallel to Gantt, through control areas that have been set according to the needs of the department; tracking milestones, deliverables tracking, monitoring actions, financial monitoring , etc.

The establishment of purchase requisitions is standardized and less error prone, all information is only input once, at the time the request is made. In addition to time saved in setting controls, the project manager has access to more accurate monitoring of budget consumption.

Moreover, "the knowledge and skills of Augeo's technical teams and the adaptability of the software to our organization were key factors in the choice of this solution," adds Claude Durand

The Benefits

"Augeo's software is the support our kind of organization needs, it simplifies tasks considered “administrative” by the engineers and allows them to better focus on technical and creative activities" Claude Durand

Today, we expanded the use of Augeo's solution to Service Management and developments are envisaged in the very short term to more fully exploit its planning capabilities and upgrade the application forms for purchase requistions.

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